Sunday, January 3, 2010

One Year of Marriage Down...

We've been married one year now.  To celebrate, we decided instead of gifts (since we just had Christmas) we would go out and enjoy a nice dinner together.  We love Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fierri on the Food Network and had just watched a Christmas at Disneyland special with Guy Fierri that highlighted the Napa Rose restaurant at the Grand Californian hotel.  So when Sam asked me where I wanted to go, I told him it would be fun to go there.  And there we went.  It was so nice.  The food and service were totally worth the price.  Plus, you get 5 hours (5!!!) of free parking at the valet for the hotel when you eat there.

He cleans up nice doesn't he?

We ordered the "World's Best Hot Chocolate" for dessert.  And let me tell you: they aren't kidding.  And the homemade doughnuts that go with it are to die for.  They even dressed it up for our anniversary and gave us a box of truffles to take home as a gift.

I love the lobby of the hotel.  So pretty and just a nice place to be.  Plus the Christmas decorations were nice.

If you get the chance to to, the two must orders are the scallops appetizer and the hot chocolate.  Both of which are also served in the lounge (if you want to keep it on the cheap).  I still dream about those scallops.  The sauce on them was so good I used the bread to soak it up.  I told Sam that if it weren't such a fancy place I would've licked the plate.  True story.

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