Friday, November 27, 2009


I got the golden ticket! How fun that we got to take advantage of getting into Disneyland free on my birthday.  And that we all had the day off anyway because it was the day after Thanksgiving.

We started the morning at the Character breakfast in the park with Sam's family which was so fun because I had never done anything like that.  I convinced Sam to stay late (which we don't usually do) because it was all decorated for Christmas and I like the lights.  We even got to watch the holiday fireworks (which weren't that great, but the hot chocolate we shared while we watched made it totally worth it).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fall Speed Recap

Time to catch up. Not with everything...just what I feel like writing about. Lets start with these couple of random things:

This was how I received the invitation to Silas's birthday party. Notice written across the bottom in large writing: "PHOTO DO NOT BEND." Good old USPS.

Next up: "TOE TRUCK." If it's supposed to be a clever thing, I don't get it.