Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another day another vet bill

Yes, that's right. We are seriously considering getting kitten insurance (well, as serious as you can be about that, which is not very). But yeah, this one was an extra doozy because we had to take him to the emergency vet - very nice, I'm glad I know it's there now. His new favorite hiding place is under the lazy boy - which has two wooden tracks where the wooden rockers roll. We are usually good about checking, but one time is all it takes - and a broken kitty s what you get. So his paw was smooshed. Apparently he totally flipped out. But he was clam by the time I got home from work. Sam had put some bacitracin on the part that was bleeding, but his paw had swollen up to about twice it's regular size, particularly the "pinky" pad of his left foot. Huge. So I called the vet right across the street...who was closing in 4 minutes. So they sent us to the emergency clinic fearing he had broken something.

No break. But now he's got pain meds. Which is good. The bill for the x-ray to tell us he'll be fine. Less good. Oh well. Another day, another vet bill.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life update

It has been too long since I talked about what is going on in our life. And it's possible I am procrastinating because I am supposed to be finishing a presentation I have to make on Tuesday. And because of the changes in life, I no longer have time to complete it if I don't finish tonight.

Anyway, Sam is still working away at his job. This month was a really great month for him. At work that is. He was in a car accident earlier this month. Not his fault and it all but totaled the car (we kind of wish it had). We are still waiting to get the car back. And Sam anxiously waits for the day when he doesn't have to drive a crappy rental. I has now officially been a month.

The end is near for me. I am almost done with school. This month is going to be a long one though. My comprehensive exam is the first week in May (and oral defenses the following week). Grad classes are over by then (which means I have a large project due before then). But what I thought was a good idea in trying to make my last semester easy backfired. Because I am taking a few undergrad classes which do not finish until after the comp. Meaning I have to finish papers and study for finals during the comp. So I have been trying to schedule things out. I think it's going to be okay, but I'm a little worried. Not procrastinating would be a good first step.

Also, I just got a job. So all the free time I used to have is now spent at work. It's a great job - just three days per week - and I will probably be there for at least six months. Perhaps it will turn into a full time gig, who knows? We will see. I will be able to focus on work a lot better once May 15 has come and gone. Also, who thinks it's a good idea to ask for about 5 days off work right after they get a job? Yeah, that's what I thought. But I think the comp and finals is a good excuse and one they will understand. And since they're paying me by the hour...they're not loosing anything but extra people to get stuff done.

Our kitten is doing better. He's almost normal, but he pretty much always tilts his head to the right. Which actually makes him look that much cuter.

Sam and I want to move. We are paying far too much rent at this place. It's lovely, but expensive and I have had it with the management. We would at some point like to buy a house and saving about $500 per month (or more) would help a lot to that end. The lease is up in August. I have already been looking online and the search will intensify once I'm done with school. So much will be better when school is over. I can't wait. And with that in mind, I'm going to make sure I pass my classes by stopping procrastinating and getting this presentation finished.