Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pray for Nina

I haven't posted for nearly a year. I am sure I have very few readers at this point, but I have a very good reason to post tonight. A dear family is facing something that no one should have to face. I don't even know them - they are friends of a friend - but I feel as if I know them because of Rosy's posts on her blog. In August the Fredeen's daughter (5 years old) was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in her brain stem and I have been following her blog since then. Since they received the news, they have been trying to live life to the fullest and make as many precious memories as possible, all the while praying for their miracle. It is looking like sweet Nina is not going to get her miracle, although her journey has been a miracle in many other's lives. Just her short life has been a miracle to those who have know her. Please pray for her family, for her parents and her brother Teddy as they face this trying time. Check out Rosy's blog and say a little prayer, if for nothing else than another day spent with loved ones.