Thursday, February 18, 2010

A month later...

So I'm a little behind.  But luckily my life's not that exciting so I really only have to recap on our Valentine's/President's Day weekend.  Just like last year, Sam and I went to Mammoth for the long weekend.  But this time we went with friends.  And we did not get a flat tire.  We got Friday off work so we could leave in the morning...which was such a good idea.  It was so nice to get there early so we could get all settled and pick up my lift ticket and snowboard rentals for the next day.

I took a snowboard lesson ALL DAY Saturday.  Such a good and bad idea all at the same time.  I never really got good at snowboarding and was at a bit of an impasse so I decided that if I want to be able to enjoy the mountain with my husband, I had to bite the bullet.  They placed me in an intermediate class (whose idea was that?) which, of course, meant that me and one other woman were the only people over the age of 15.  All the older people were in the beginner class.  So I'm sure it was good and it pushed me, but man did I want to be in the class with all the older people (and by older, I mean post puberty) who had the fear of falling in them.  At any rate, I made it and can fairly successfully navigate non-steep terrain.  However, I have never been in more pain in my life.  Seriously. 

Anyway here's some of the fun everyone else was enjoying while I was incurring multiple minor injuries:
There was a video of the tubing but it was taking too long to upload.  I assure you they were having a lot of fun. 

Sunday, equipped with my newly acquired skills, Sam and I went snowbarding with Ben and Kalyn.  I of course seemed to forget everything that I learned the previous day, but Sam quickly jogged my memory.  The guys spent the morning with us on Schoolyard Express (no joke, that's what it's called) and then after lunch they hit the big boy slopes and Kalyn and I hit the lodge to lick our wounds (well, me anyway; I guess I should speak for myself). 

The weekend was great.  Perfect weather, great friends, and a much needed break from the real world.