Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Okay, so not really a lot of changes, but one big change: I just started a new job. 

I had been working as a planning intern at the City of Downey.  Which made sense at the time I started.  It wasn't too far from West Hollywood (where we lived) even though the traffic was pretty bad.  But if you are familiar with Southern California, you know that when Sam switched jobs and we moved down to Lake Forest, we were no where NEAR Downey.  I spent over 2 hours in the car 3 days a week to get to work.  I loved the job, loved the people, but it just wasn't working anymore.  I began looking for jobs and hadn't even gotten an interview for what seemed like forever.  And just when I decided to stop stressing about it and find something else to do with my free time (volunteering)...TWO job opportunities popped right up.  Isn't that just how it is: as soon as you let something go and turn it over to God, that's just when he gives it to you.

It was quite the story and quite the decision, but I'll spare you the details that are boring to everyone except me.  Long story short, I ended up taking an (almost) full-time job as a planning intern at Laguna Hills.  It's very similar to the job I was already doing. You know, except an entirely different zoning code, different permits to issue, and different procedures for EVERYTHING.  But it is 10 minutes away from our house and is almost double the number of hours I was working.  Plus since it's closer, if the opportunity comes along for a more permanent position, I'm in a much better spot to take it.  So, we'll see what happens with that. 

My last day at Downey was Friday and I started Laguna Hills on Monday.  So it's been a quick transition, but so far so good.  I already have several cases to do while I try to figure out...everything else about the job.  But it's only day three.  Things are already getting easier.  My computer usually works, I have a phone on my desk now, and I have a little electronic name badge thingy so I don't get locked out of the conference room anymore. 

Oh and there is another change: the time change!  LOVE IT!  Who cares if you have to get up in the dark if you can come home from work and still have daylight to enjoy? Plus, now that I'm working closer to home, I don't even have to get up in the dark anymore!  Yay! I like change...this time anyway.

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JennAngelica said...

so glad that your first week is going so good! And YAY for having such a short drive. That's wonderful!!